Women on shopping spree for Karwa Chauth flout all norms
   Date :02-Nov-2020

Women on shopping_1 
 Married women buying karwas for Karwa Chauth festival at New Market in the State capital on Sunday.
Staff Reporter :
markets are all decked up for festive season in the State capital. One of the most auspicious festivals Karwa Chauth will be celebrated in two days and preparations are in full swing. But it seems the shoppers have completely forgotten covid-19 protocols amid shopping and festivity. City markets are being flooded with karwas (pot) and beautiful religious stuff to mark the occasion. Being weekend, Sunday witnessed choc-a-bloc streets in city markets where people were seen flouting covid-19 norms.
Women purchased karwas, puja material and make up accessories to celebrate their special day. Social distancing was nowhere seen in midst of shopping and festivity. Shopkeepers displayed Karwas, puja material, decorative plates and henna in display in shopping streets.
A number of women shopped on the day having advanced preparations for the festival. Women are busy preparing for Karwa Chauth in advance. Karwa Chauth is a Hindu tradition celebrated by married women, where they observe fast for their husbands’ well being and long life. Wives often pray and observe a day of socialising with other women, dressing up in their finest regalia. This year, Karwa Chauth will be celebrated on November 4.