Even as corona spreading wings, some people shying from masks
    Date :25-Nov-2020

transport bus _1 &nb
 A man sitting without mask in public transport bus in Bhopal.
Staff Reporter ;
Even as coronavirus cases are spiraling up once again post festival season, many people are still negligent and are avoiding wearing masks on their faces. In market and bus stand, one can easily see many people moving out with face mask. Even in using low floor buses, some people were seen sitting on seat without mask. Same was the case with passenger buses plying from Bhopal to near by cities such as Hoshangabad, Sehore etc.
In the meantime, police is doing best to spread the message of wearing mask and is also handing down challan to violators. On Tuesday, MP Nagar Sub Inspector R K Mishra distributed masks to people in Rajiv Nagar slums, Kargil Nagar, Jyoti Talkies area, Board Office Square etc. He advised people to use mask whenever they step out into public places.