Date :26-Nov-2020

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PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has hit the nail on the head by attribution the surge in coronavirus infection in the country to widespread negligence about COVID-19 among people. India was among the first countries to impose a lockdown when the first wave hit the world. It helped in breaking the chain of the pandemic and bailed out the country from a perceived deep crisis. However, as the battle against the virus enters the final phase, India faces the threat of another spike in much the same way as many countries witnessed after relaxations were introduced. Mr. Modi has put the onus on Chief Ministers to bring down positivity and fatality rates by curbing the transmission. Agreed, it is the duty of the State to care for people’s health and well-being but at the same time it is the responsibility of the populace, too, to reciprocate in a matured manner. What is on display in all parts of the country is sheer contempt for the safety protocols. Despite knowing the dangers of the disease people are indulging in a brazen behaviour by moving without masks and ignoring social distancing. This is nothing but another invitation for a strict lockdown. Perhaps, that is what we deserve!
FOREIGN Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla’s briefing on Pakistan’s involvement in the Nagrota terror attempt to envoys of key nations including US, Russia, France and Japan is a necessary exercise to exert pressure on the neighbour. It may seem a routine happening for the layman but these initiatives go a long way in forming international opinion about the habitual offender. All the key nations are firm backers of India’s anti-terror policy and also always support India’s claim for a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). Their envoys must be sensitised about India’s concerns regarding Pakistan’s constant efforts to create disruption in Jammu & Kashmir especially during the upcoming District Development Council (DDC) elections. The Nagrota encounter of Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists has established Pakistan’s hand behind the attempt with the discovery of items and ammunition indicating their Pakistani origin. Taking the issue to international forum is a well-thought pressure tactic adopted by India. Garnering support to the claim from friendly nations is part of the diplomatic playbook.