Pipeline construction work completed at Kamla Park
    Date :05-Nov-2020

Pipeline construction_1&n
Staff Reporter :
The water pipeline construction work of 700 mm capacity 1400 meter pipeline at Kamla Park area has been completed. In a function new tank at Shahenhanbad was also inaugurated and direction were given to start water supply. BMC Commissioner inspected water pipeline work in many areas including Hamidia road, Berasia road, Berkhedi, Hoshangabad road etc.
BMC officials also inspected Misrod areas. Areas were identified to lay down water pipeline in Berkehdi area where pipeline is coming in between Metro Rail project. A meeting was conducted along with Metro Rail project officials in ISBT Smart City office. Sewage network line construction activities have been started in Kolar, Sarvadham and in old city areas like in Jatkhedi, Magali, Bawadiyan Kalan, Saliya. The pump house construction in these areas is now catching pace.
Notably, these areas were also COVID-19 hot spots and are sealed colonies. BMC project incharge Santosh Gupta said that this project is under running and will be completed soon due to COVID-19 lockdown the project got delayed, he added. Last month Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials held meeting with Metro Rail project employees to identify problems of water pipeline coming in between the construction work. Areas where identified so that water pipeline work can be carried out separately.