Date :07-Nov-2020

PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi hardselling India at the Virtual Global Investor Roundtable 2020 by promising long-term returns and stability is a welcome sign of the country opening its doors for foreign investment across sectors to achieve resurgence in the post-coronavirus world. Mr. Modi made the pitch with the help of India’s democracy, demography and diversity that allows businesses to tap multiple markets within a market -- a win-win situation for the investors. However, all of the assurances must be backed by concrete steps allowing further ease in doing business as foreign investors generally are wary of the local political and activism challenges that come attached with the demographic culture. The government is seeking to attract foreign investment to meet its infrastructure and growth deficits through the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP). This sector has the potential to crank up India’s COVID-hit economy but it also comes with dangers of political activism. The government must lay out a foolproof plan of security and goodwill to instill faith in the foreign investors. That will be the real growth story.