Of simple concept of unblemished happiness
   Date :08-Nov-2020

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By Vijay Phanshikar ;
LET us talk of happiness as our basic right. Let us ask ourselves a simple (yet intriguing) question : What constitutes happiness? And let us, then, move on to find an answer -- in simple terms. Since time immemorial, the human society has associated happiness with simplicity that teaches us to move away from greed. Since time began, the human race has often associated happiness as a condition available away from darkness. It has also associated the idea of happiness with an inclusive sense of satisfaction of everybody -- man or woman, young or old, rich or not so rich ...! That is what all of us pray for, work for, and crave for all our lives. Every action of ours is guided by our own definitions of what constitutes happiness.
So, we buy things, we store things, we possess things, we sell things. We want newer things. We also want more of the same things over and over again. We hold on to our possessions. We are willing to fight the world to keep our things with us. And occasionally, and of course negatively, we desire for things that belong to others.
But all the actions are indulged in pursuit of happiness. Yet, on countless occasions, happiness eludes us, making us sad and wanting. It is at such moments that we recall the advice of the sages: Live simply. Avoid darkness and seek light. Keep your house clean. Include others in your definition of happiness. Make sacrifices for your people. Make reasonable sacrifices for others, too.
Do not amass things that you actually do not require. Remember that money does not buy you happiness; satisfaction does. So, be satisfied by staying within the frame of reasonable behaviour. Do not expect too many things from others, but do try to fulfill others’ reasonable expectations. Eat well. Dress well. Stay healthy. This is all what Diwali is meant to be -- A simple concept of unblemished happiness! Cheers!