NVCC celebrates ‘Farmers Day’
   Date :25-Dec-2020

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■ Business Bureau :
IN ORDER to celebrate ‘Farmers Day’ and recognise the achievements of farmers a delegation under the leadership of Ashwin Mehadia, President of Nag Vidarbha Chamber of Commerce (NVCC) went in fields of village Lava, Wadi and felicitated the farmers on December 23.
He presented the farmers with scarf, clothes and blanket. Mehadia said that the farmers are the food providers and produce food for everyone living in the country. Farmers work hard during summer, winter and rainy season without worrying about their health. Farmers also work tirelessly on the farms in all the 12 months of the year and provide agriculture produce. Mehadia bowed and hailed the farmers as a token of respect for their achievements. He said that it was bad thing that farmers are seeking justice by sitting on a ‘Dharna’ and fasting on the streets. Farmers are fighting for their demands against the three new farm laws introduced by the Government.
This incident has attracted a lot of attention and should be a concern for everyone. Mehadia requested the Government officials and leaders of farm organisations to sit together and resolve their differences at the earliest. Ramavatar Totla, Secretary of NVCC said that India is an agricultural country.
The economy depends on agriculture for its growth. He said that the agriculture production in the country would be badly affected if there is a farmers ‘Dharna’. “This is a bad situation where farmers are hungry while fighting for their rights,” he added. He said that the farmers should get justice. Sanjay K Agrawal, VicePresident, Sachin Punyani, Treasurer, Mohan Chowithani and Manoj Luturia were present in the delegation.