‘Need to exploit city’s potential of hospitality and travel sectors’
    Date :10-Feb-2020

Need to exploit citys pot
 Experts at The Nagpur Dialogue 3.0 organised recently.
Business Bureau :
Potential can be exploited and further transformed into opportunities and possibilities but for that, the city needs to have a strong will. This was the gist of the dialogue at The Nagpur Dialogue 3.0 organised by The Six Senses, founded by Malhar Deshpande. Regaining the potential, opportunities and possibilities in arts and culture, travel and tourism and hospitality in Nagpur was the topic of discussion. Nitin Kakodkar, PCCF of Wildlife, Vilas Kale, Director of Cenin Travels, Dilip Kamdar, Founder of Naivedhyam Hospitality, Jasbirsingh Arora, Director of Centre Point Hotels, Ravi Durugkar, Cultural Consultant, Chitnavis Center, Dr Parag Ghonge, theatre artist participated in the dialogue. CA Shivkurnar Rao, President of VED Council made the opening remarks.
“Tiger is the main attraction for tourists. People from all over the country come to Nagpur, visit Tadoba or Pench and immediately fly back. We need to create experiences in and around Nagpur to make them stay here for a longer duration,” remarked Dilip Kamdar. Jasbirsingh Arora was in agreement of the idea. He said, hospitality sector needs to come forward and create such experiences in the areas nearby tiger reserves. Investment needs to be done in such areas to create opportunities. Ravi Durugkar suggested to showcase Gondi culture to the world.
The Gondi culture has the potential to capture the imagination of the tourists from outside and will create immense employment and business opportunities for the Gondi community and also the local artisans and citizens. Vilas Kale said, Dadipatti Theatre needs to be projected professionally. The theatre form has the potential to attract tourists and will turn out to be an experience to remember. Resorts need to be set up in such areas for the convenience of the outstation tourists. Jasbirsingh Arora was supportive of the idea of setting up accommodation facilities in the tiger reserves.
He also shared that Nagpur has almost 20 extremely interesting tourist spots which need to be developed and marketed properly. There are almost 15-16 forts in the vicinity but they have not been marketed to a larger extent. An artificial fountain in Botanical Garden can also emerge as an experience to remember. Nitin Kakodkar remarked that Gorewada Jungle MI soon emerge as the international destination. The Forest Department is training rural youth and providing them employment as guides, drivers etc. “Tiger has become an oversold product. Birding is something that also needs to highlighted. The Holi celebrations in Melghat has the immense potential to emerge as a major attraction. Not inside jungles but just in the vicinity, wedding destinations can be created.
It will add value to wildlife tourism,” he said. Dilip Kamdar focused on creating experiences. He said, “We are living in an experiential economy. Hospitality and travel sectors need to reinvent themselves to offer excellent & innovative experiences to the customers and tourists. Saoji cuisine needs to be marketed nationally to attract tourists to Nagpur.” Dr Parag Ghonge said, “We have lot of talent in Nagpur but the market for such talent is in Mumbai or Pune.
The gap between policy-makers and the beneficiaries, stakeholders needs to bridged.” The dialogue emerged to be an interesting one with all the experts responding to the suggestion and queries from the audience. In the beginning, Ashish Kale, Animation Guru delivered the keynote address. He emphasised on the need and importance of making Nagpur a wedding destination and also a hub for medical tourism. He also appreciated the efforts taken by Malhar Deshpande in creating a platform for all the stakeholders. Niketa Sane was the anchor for the event. Malhar Deshpande and Bhushan Sahasrabuddhe welcomed the guests.