DRDO to help Scorpene submarines stay hidden for longer periods
   Date :11-Feb-2020
DRDO to help Scorpene sub
IN A major boost to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Make in India programme, the Indian Navy would fit their Kalvari-class submarines with DRDO-built Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) systems, which would allow the underwater warships to remain below the surface for longer periods while carrying out their operations. An AIP is fitted on the conventional diesel-electric submarines and significantly enhances the capability of the boats to stay underwater, which, otherwise, have to come to the surface to charge their batteries frequently.
“The DRDO-built AIP would be fitted on the Kalvari class submarines during their refit programme. The first refit of the first boat INS Kalvari is scheduled for the year 2023,” French firm Naval Group’s Senior Executive Vice President Alain Guillou told ANI. The French industry official was in India for the biennial DefExpo in Lucknow. He said the DRDO AIP has been found good and compliant and would add to the capabilities of the submarines.
The DRDO has been working with the Navy to develop it at the Naval Materials Research Laboratory (NMRL) in Pune. The Indian AIP was earlier supposed to be fitted only on the fifth and the sixth boat but it has now been decided that it would be equipped on all the six boats as and when they go for their major refit programmes.