Let Love Take The Corona!
   Date :12-Feb-2020

Let Love Take The Corona_
By Biraj Dixit :

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THEY say love can be very infectious, spreading easily from one to another heart. Love may or may not but its celebrations sure are very infectious as we would see in a couple of days. Messages with hearts and roses are already floating on all forms of social media. In this strife-torn world where all humans do is bicker over small matters, one does take heart from such a show of communion. So, love is in the air. …And so are viruses! Viruses - those tinier than tiny, insignificant creatures that are usually standing quietly by the side exhilarated in human company, but like good well-wishes, attacking as soon as the chips are down. Of late, they are on attacking spree, killing humans by hundreds.
May the spirit of Saint Valentine bless them with true love and compassion (until the time we are ready with our vaccines). The Coronavirus derives its name, I am told, from its crown-like shape. Give a crown and even a virus begins to act queer! It is thinking itself as the modern-day Genghis Khan, attacking people, killing them, then attacking people near them and killing them too, then attacking the most-immune of humanity’s lot, the doctors and killing them. Imagine its audacity, it started its invasion from one of the most powerful and dreaded country itself!
But boy corona, mind you, these are Chinese! They will not take things lying down. You think you can survive them? Who do you think you are Donald Trump to survive anything and everything?!! One little crown on you teeny weeny head and you think you can annihilate humanity! Why are you even trying when it is itself working so hard on that! With this queer imagination that I have, I sometime see all of humanity standing before the Lord Almighty and the Lord laughing uncontrollably. “You know guys, I am laughing at Myself. Of all of my many creations, I give brains to only one specie and you go ahead fight for what not, kill each other in My name, wreak havoc upon the heaven called earth, so that you can go to heavens, spend your energies producing weapons of mass destruction and then get killed by viruses. Haaaaaaa…!” “You my dears, undoubtedly, are my most shoddy piece of work!”
That would be a huge damnation, for sure. I could even see that teeny weeny corona, with its spiky crown, in splits. That would be abominable. But come to think of it how much destruction has been caused by diseases and viruses than human being’s lust for more and more power? It is said that epidemics like small pox and plague had killed unimaginably huge number of people but it was nothing in comparison to those killed in unending wars, skirmishes and weird practices of the yore. That order, despite our strides in civilisational development, continues.
If Ebola has killed approximately 11,000 people, SARS around 774 and the recent Novel Coronavirus more than 900, the Syrian civil war alone has taken reportedly 400,000 lives. No other infection is greater than human caprice, folly and lust for power. But these viruses often offer us a chance to forget our own misadventures. As Shakespeare puts it... “One pain is lessened by another’s anguish. ...Take thou some new infection to thy eye, And the rank poison of the old will die.” Viruses with their coronas can come and go but it would require daft humans alone to cause immeasurable sufferings upon humanity.
The most amazing thing, despite deadly viruses outside and inside of humans’ foolish tyranny, is this mysteriously wonderful paradox that keeps humanity’s battle for survival from all sorts of viruses - within and without, undefeatable. The thing - human wisdom and genius - that has brought civilisation thus far - surviving, refurbishing and rejoicing. One sees that wisdom in many hands that work despite the perils to restore humanity. Many salutations to the health workers, working in China and in other parts of world afflicted by Coronavirus infections and to those working in Syria and other war-torn parts of the world, restoring hope. Many thanks to those government officials and people working hard to ward off disasters in all parts of the world in whatever form they may arise! Profound gratitude to all those hands that in big and small measures lay the bricks of continued human survival with their humane efforts. They demonstrate the one thing that is wisest and hence most potent.
The one thing that is the spirit of Saint Valentine’s - LOVE. As the celebrations of the Saint Valentine’s Day reach its peak, let’s not forget the one true thing about love. It endures. It has endured human folly for ages, has dealt with mindless muddles, and has humbly defeated hatred. For Love, too, is a virus. The most potent at that! It can be killing for sure, but never, never fatal! l