No relation of coronavirus with poultry and chicken production in India: Govt
   Date :13-Feb-2020

No relation of coronaviru
Business Bureau :
BAHADUR Ali, founder and Managing Director of IB Group recently met Giriraj Singh, Union Minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries. They discussed fake news about coronavirus regarding poultry business, which is being spread by anti social elements. Ali pointed out that the roomers spreads are harming the business of poultry business and farmers at the large scale. “All makka and soya growing farmers are directly related with the poultry business,” Ali said.
Singh had ordered his department officials to release a official letter to the people of the country regarding the rumours. He said, “Poultry business has no relation with coronavirus. Poultry chicken is safe for consumption. All chicken lovers can consume chicken in the country.” Singh also directed that any person or institution spreading any rumours or letters regarding fake news of corona virus affected consumption of chicken. Such rumous can be reported to the Animal Husbandry Department of the GoI. The Department will issue a letter to them regarding any doubts.
Gulraje Alam, Director IB Group, Rickky Thapar, Vijay Sardana, Poultry Expert of IB Group also showed to the Minister messages which were spread on social media. To which Singh replied, “Coronavirus spreads when person with the corona virus comes in contact with another person, and not poultry birds.” The Department also showed evidence that coronavirus in the world has not been spread by poultry birds. Poultry chicken is completely safe and people can consume it without any hesitation. Bahadur Ali, thanked the Minister for clarifying their doubts and issuing a letter from Department clarifying the rumours.