All set for Valentine’s Day; rose prices shoot up
   Date :14-Feb-2020

All set for Valentine Day
Staff Reporter :
It is only roses that rule the flower market during Valentine’s Week, especially red roses. Close on the heels of roses, are orchids and liliums (lilies) that are also popular choices for bouquets during Valentine’s Day. As such the price of roses has shoot up high in twin city before Valentine’s Day. City florists opines that roses, the favorite gift on February 14, will cost at least 60 % to 70% more than an average day. Sources said that because of bad weather conditions and rainfall, production of many exotic flower varieties, including rose, has gone down leading to the price rise.
“The demand of rose on Valentine’s Day increases three to four times than on normal days and red roses are the most favourite. I expect to sell about 6,000 roses on a single day,” said city-based florist Santosh Sao. The price of a stem of rose ranges between Rs 15 and Rs 30 per piece, depending on the quality and varieties of the flowers.
Florists said that on Valentine’s Day the flower may cost Rs 50 to Rs 150 per piece. However, not only the price of flowers that hit the lovers hard, but also prices of gift items also increased manifolds than the previous years. Expressing love through a card can cost anywhere between Rs 50 and Rs 600. “Youngsters are willing to spend. Even in the time of Whatsapp, insta and fb youngsters are spending a lot on cards and we did a good business on Valentine’s Day,” said a card shop owner.