Smart methods to score better in Chemistry 12 State /CBSE /IIT /NEET
   Date :14-Feb-2020

Smart methods to score be
By Amit Khungar :
Advantages in Chemistry: In order to improve your scores, you must find out reason to motivate yourself, even with every small points, your confidence is very important. Try to keep away from stress and negative thoughts. Thus by knowing the advantages of Chemistry, you can become stress free. It has more or less something for all the types of students. For example, there are students who are afraid of mathematical calculations or numerical subjects or numerical part of Chemistry. For such students, the good news is that lot of chapters in Chemistry are theoretical and logical.
On the other hand, those students who are afraid of theoretical portions must take advantage of the numerical and logical portions. Remember that Chemistry is not at all difficult subject. If you feel that some areas are difficult, then those can be handled smartly. There are many methods to overcome the problems in different parts. For this, remember that there are some common techniques, one has to identify them, while studying.
But for some portions there are specific methods need to be used, remember them. For your simplification and identification of methods or techniques, understand the classification of Chemistry viz Organic, Inorganic, Physical, theoretical, numerical, practical and Industrial, etc. Smart Strategy: A good plan will definitely improve the scores. First of all, for any examination the students must have a thorough understanding of science of Chemistry. In addition to that, one also needs to understand the art of Chemistry. When anyone is good, the scores will be good and if both are good then it becomes smart work. This is called as hard work and smart work.
To make a good strategy one should also know the paper pattern and plan it as per the final pattern. For Board examinations, one has to have practice of writing and numerical solving, step wise and mark wise. For objective examinations, practice of Multiple Choice Questions is must and some more smart techniques to solve the questions in minimum possible time. So the next strategy is to learn time management and time allocation, which is very important during the examination and should be practiced before the examination. The next strategy is to find out the strong areas or portions or chapters in which one is very confident or comfortable. The next strategy is to make a study and revision plan. First revise the strong portion.
Then find out the areas in which one is weak and allot a fix time slot to improve them, make small pockets for quick revision. One may revise mentally or orally or by making summary, whichever one find best suitable for them. Also plan to avoid all distractions of mind, like TV and mobile. Listening to music for some time is helpful, if you like it, but putting it on all the time is not good. Self Confidence: Time is short, so the students should not hesitate to express their problems and take help from reliable sources, like books or good teachers.
Do not worry about stress, it is common, till the examinations. All stress and hard work is for self improvement. Improve your confidence by solving some of the model tests or mock tests or old tests. During practice, learn to improve efficiency and time management. Utilise every moment to improve and while studying take small breaks as per one’s capacity. To improve one’s capacity take care of health by smart diet plan. Remember, everyone has a good and smart mind, make best use of it and have the confidence that, even though there may be lots of problems but one has to give one’s best. So wish you best of you and best of luck. (Author is M Tech. IIT, Delhi, ex-Faculty, Wankhede Madam Academy, Senior Batch; ex-Faculty IIT Home; ex-Faculty, Narayana; ex-Faculty, Bansal classes, Kota. If one wants to share some of smart techniques with him, one may contact him at [email protected])