Indian among 79 more test +ve for COVID-19 on Japan cruise ship
   Date :20-Feb-2020
Indian among 79 more test
Hundreds of passengers disembark the coronavirus-stricken cruise ship after testing negative for the disease 
AS HUNDREDS of relieved passengers disembarked a coronavirus-stricken cruise ship in Japan on Wednesday after testing negative for the disease, an additional 79 cases have been discovered aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, the Health Ministry said on Wednesday, bringing the total to 621. Among the new cases is one more Indian who was tested positive for the novel coronavirus and shifted to hospital, taking the number of Indian nationals infected with the virus on the vessel to seven, according to the Indian Embassy on Wednesday.
Among the 3,711 passengers and crew, 621 people were found to be infected with the new coronavirus as of Wednesday. On Tuesday, 88 people tested positive and a day earlier 99 others were found to have been infected. In a tweet, the Indian Embassy here said, “1 Indian crew who tested positive for COVID19 among 88 new cases on Diamond Princess shifted to hospital for treatment.” Earlier, six Indians were tested positive for COVID-19. The mission said that infected Indians were responding well to the treatment.
A total of 138 Indians, including 132 crew and 6 passengers, were among the 3,711 people on board the ship that arrived at the Japanese coast earlier this month. With 621 positive cases, the Diamond Princess is easily the biggest cluster outside China, and Japan has faced mounting criticism for its quarantine arrangements as the passengers disperse into the wider world.
“I’m relieved... I want to take a good rest,” said a 77-year-old Japanese passenger, who declined to give his name. He said that he would be boarding Japan’s famously crowded railway system home. A fleet of yellow-dotted city buses, plus a dozen or so taxis, whisked away the passengers, many of whom dragged their luggage behind them and waved to former ship-mates on balconies as they disembarked. Fresh figures from China showed the death toll 2,000 with more than 74,000 infected.