Date :22-Feb-2020

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A UNITED Nations-backed report, commissioned by World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF and Lancet medical journal, has ranked India at the 77th place among 180 countries on per capita carbon emissions and ability of children to live healthy lives. The country was placed 131st in regard to best chance of survival and well being for children. This indicates that the country has made some progress in controlling the carbon emissions to sustainable levels but requires to do still more to achieve emission targets. But even more worrisome part is on the future of the child. That the country ranks 131st on this count does no credit. It depicts a very dismal picture about children’s chances of survival and thriving in good conditions and flourishing on health, hygiene, sanitation, education and other means of survival. While there are all these services in place, it is clear that they fall too short to meet the parameters of sustainability. Hence much work remains to be done in ensuring healthy life for mothers and their children. Its’ a long haul.