Date :25-Feb-2020

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AMONG the saner voices that hold value in the Congress is that of Mr. Shashi Tharoor. When he points out to the urgency in solving the current leadership issue dogging the Congress party, the think-tank must reflect on its seriousness and act in a manner befitting intra-party democracy. The general perception of Congress party that it is adrift in national politics is true to a large extent. Mr. Tharoor is aware of the long-term consequences of the current phase of irrelevance on the future of the party. That the Congress is no more a natural national alternative to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) became more than clear in the Delhi Assembly elections where the party ended with a blob. Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s reluctance to continue as the leader must not be dragged along with an interim arrangement by the Congress. It has become a matter of survival and the Working Committee needs to think over the problem with an open mind. A dynamic leadership with a credible mandate can only tide over organisational challenges and help in revival of the Congress party.
PRIME Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s exhortation to people through his monthly ‘Man ki Baat’ radio address to preserve the rich biodiversity of India brings home a valid concern expressed by biologists and conservationists across the country. India’s biodiversity is a unique treasure for the entire human kind and it becomes incumbent upon every citizen to conserve the traditions and legacy inherited from our ancestors. Various regions of the country are home to over 500 varieties of migratory birds adding richness to the biodiversity. Of late, a decline in number of birds has been noticed which is a signal towards lethargy in preservation of natural habitats by authorities and general people. The problem calls for immediate attention of the concerned people as also the general public which is mostly indolent towards its responsibilities. Mr. Modi’s appeal should strike a chord with the lovers of nature as it calls for further exploration of mysteries with a “fierce detective passion”. Legacy is always secured by compassion.