Voluntary bodies to start anti-liquor drive involving residential colonies in city
   Date :26-Feb-2020

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Staff Reporter :
Anti-liquor campaign is going to start in State capital. Many voluntary organisations, including Alcohol Anonymous and Hope and Faith Group and other voluntary groups including Child line, Arambh , etc have organised various kinds of protests in past against liquor shops within prohibited zones in State capital. Now, like last year the residents of private colonies who were facing trouble to commute because of irrational behaviour of drunkards standing near liquor shops.
Especially, the women and children were harassed by the drunkards as they were subjected to lewd comments. The MPHRC has gone to extend to recommend to close down liquor shops near to labour colonies and slum areas as it was becoming one of the main reason for violence. The Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission (MPHRC) has also taken the step to curb the violence against women and children as many of the items it’s been notices that the drinking problem was the main case of eruption of violence especially the home violence against women.
The liquor shops also provides open bar to the drunkards as they are seen chit chatting in abusive language which has adverse impact to the children residing in the colonies. Nirpat Bhaduaria, a school teacher and volunteer, who has also participated in anti-liquor rally, stated that the liquor shops are also seen mushrooming near to the educational institutions in the state capital. This is also resulting in the encouraging the youngsters towards the drinking habit as per the petition.
The liquor shops are seen operational near the prohibited places as mentioned in the missives of MPHRC. It was also demanded that certain parameters should also needs to be mentioned before providing license to the liquor shops so that the ambience of the society should not be disturbed with negativity. Sheela Rao, one of the residents of Nehru Nagar, said that the State Government is not keen to implement the norms and regulations manly as it would affect the revenue which is coming from the liquor shops. The commuter especially women and children are suffered most because of the liquor shops near to residential colonies. The petition was filed to MPHRC by residents of Mamta Colony from Nehru Nagar and comfort plaza three years and in the complaint it’s been mentioned that English liquor shops and country liquor shops have been opened near to the colony having population of more than 500 residents. After which missives have been issued which as followed by protest but availability of liquor shops are still visible in the prohibited zones and they have not been moved to isolated areas.