Date :04-Feb-2020

Are you angry with me? If yes, please don’t be. Even if I don’t let you out frequently I have all my love for you. Have faith in me. I’m just frightened of the people here in outside world. I’m scared of you being supressed to death in me like they always do to the ones who let their beloved childishness out with the words, thoughts and actions. I’m scared that they would crush you like a cigar under their feet. I’m afraid you would not survive all this. You, being a super brave girl, who wanted to become everyone and who wanted to do everything. You were never scared of doing things or asking for what you wanted to know. You were the prince in fairytales, ready to free the princess from the crate.
When they said you are a girl and you need to be saved, you made your own story, you rewrote what they stereotyped. But growing up into me ruined you. I let you down and I’m sorry. I don’t want to succumb to you even more. I want you to be safe.
That is why I always allow you to come in front of my family and friends. The future will be more dubious, And I can’t guarantee you that I will let you out more than this. But when I do, I make sure that you will have one of the best days in your life. It will be the day where you’d love to see the day and night meet, the sky showering stars for your arrival, the sunflowers getting ready to face the sun singing welcome songs. I wanted to confess to you how much I miss your absence these days.
How much I love to be with you and how the circumstances aren’t letting us be. Keeping all the craziness and weirdness safe with you, I’ll now take leave. Remember you’re the best part of my life. I love you and I miss you. Yours, Girl Acting Grown-Up. 

Manshi Jaiswal_1 &nb
Manshi Jaiswal
Nikalas Mahila Mahavidyalaya
BID Final Year