Date :05-Feb-2020

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THE Indian security forces and intelligence people must be thanked and congratulated for laying hands on deadly ammunition of American and Chinese origin. The amount of stock of arms and ammunition that the security forces got their hands on, on January 31 after an encounter with terrorists at a Srinagar plaza toll, led them to believe that a major attack has been nipped in the bud. What has surprised the security forces is the recovery of sophisticated MP4 gun of American make, capable of being fitted with various accessories, including night vision screens. That is a rarity for the security forces which makes the weapon deadly. Not only just the American gun but according to Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) sources there are at least a dozen weapons that are extremely rare.
This shows the exemplary work the CRPF has done in neutralising the three terrorists who were on deadly mission and therefore deserve all the compliments and thanks. Ever since the abrogation of Article 370 and bifurcation of the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories, the security forces have maintained a strict vigil on the activities taking place along the line of control and have been successful in aborting several terrorist attacks which Pakistan has been organising ever since with regularity. Though there has been a remarkable calm within the territory of Jammu and Kashmir, terror groups had become hyper active and the security security were quite aware of these plans and hence were able to thwart several of those attacks.
The planned January 31 attack was slated to be a bigger one if the amount of weapons and ammunition that has been recovered from the encounter site is any indication. Union Defence Minister Mr. Rajanath Singh has very rightly said that state-sponsorship of terror by the neighbouring country is a serious challenge to the nation. This is going on for decades and as a strong nation India has responded adequately to the threat from time to time. In fact there is a paradigm shift in India’s strategy in dealing with this proxy war that was reflected in surgical strikes on the terror infrastructure across the border. Indian warplanes dealt a deadly blow to the Jaish-e- Mohammad terrorist training camp deep inside Pakistan on February 26 last year to avenge the killing of 40 CRPF jawans in terrorist attack in Kashmir. That was the message from India to Pakistan and the world that no nonsense would be taken lying down henceforth. But Pakistan just refuses to learn any lessons from the Indian reaction to its nonsensical game. The bouts of terror attacks by Pakistan has now become a routine for the armed forces of the country. But that has firmed up their resolve to remain eternally vigilant and be in readiness all the time to respond with bigger force.
It is because of their vigilance that many of the attacks have been repelled successfully taking heavy toll of the terrorists, gathering and updating information from these encounters and collecting weapons and ammunition, fake currency in large quantities. But what is of greater concern is the recovery of sophisticated American and Chinese arms and ammunition which the Indian security forces consider extremely rare and more deadly than previously used. Thus Pakistan is equipping the hordes of terrorists with most advanced weapon systems. Unfortunately neither the United States nor China have deterred Pakistan from using their systems against India.
While China considers itself ‘all weather friend’ of Pakistan and would not mind to whatever use Pakistan puts its arms aid, US, which claims close friendship with India and vows to wipe out terrorism worldwide, should close its eyes on the manner and method of use of its military aid by Pakistan. But for decades the United States, though is in know, has just been looking the other way.