Date :08-Feb-2020
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FOR US President Mr. Donald Trump the acquittal by the Senate on two charges, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, the part of the impeachment proceedings, comes as a shot in the arm in the election year. It was a foregone conclusion that the Democrats would not be able muster the two-thirds votes required for impeachment of the President in the Senate. Since the Republicans enjoy slight advantage in the Senate it was near impossible get the verdict that the Democrats hoped for. As expected the voting on the impeachment motion went along party affiliations, though the margin of victory for Mr. Trump was very thin. But that was enough for him to sail through. Mr. Trump himself was confident that no harm will come to him in the Senate as he lambasted the Democrats for what he termed as untenable charges against him. In fact what he had said a few days ago may come true. The rejection of the impeachment motion, he had said, would be a booster for his reelection chances in this year’s Presidential elections.