‘Clear the career confusions’
   Date :15-Mar-2020

Clear the career confusio
Q. Ma’am I have appeared for my std 12 (CBSE) exam but had a compartment in maths subject. Due to some issues I was not able to appear for the maths paper and now I want to take admission again in std 12. Can I take admission again in CBSE std 12 or should I opt for State Board. I alsowant to prepare for CATexam. Can you please suggest to me which subjects and stream should I choose now, so that it may help me in my CAT later exam? Also in which board should I complete my std 12? Please guide me.
Ans. There is too much of confusion here - one is in stating the questions and two it is in your mind. Let’s begin from the end - if you want to appear for CAT, I hope you know that the eligibility for CAT is a graduation and not the 12 Std. Once that confusion is cleared in your mind, you should know and understand that all streams of education can appear for the CAT-science students, arts and humanities as well as the commerce stream. Since CAT is open for all students with anystream of subjects, the choice of subjects after 12 Std depends upon interest areas, your aptitude in subjects and your long- term plan of action. Another hurdle you mention is your 12 Board and whether you should change over to State Board or continue with CBSE. Well there are differentrules and regulations in different states so you will need to find out if change over to State board is allowed or not in the state you live in. If it is not allowed, you might just continue with your CBSE board and complete your 12 Std for that is important. It is also important that you continue with the old set of subjects you had last year in 12 std for many boards do not allow change in subjects too. First concentrate on passing your 12 std and then think of your choice of subjects in graduation. You might be helped with a session on career guidance and planning after your Boards are over or even before that. Prince M
Q.I am in BSc II year and I am very confused about my career. I am interested in media works and I want to experience backstage life in TV production and I have keen interest in TV production jobs. I am looking to do internship in this field, but I am unable to find the right opportunity. I want some clarity in these types of jobs so could you explain to me what kind of jobs are available and what qualifications are needed. Please tell me what to do next as I really want to build my career in this area.
Ans. The best thing to do is to apply for a proper Diploma or Degree course in Films and TV production which could be for one to three years duration. These courses are open mostly after graduation and you will be completing your in a year. ThebestknowncoursesareatFTIIPune,(Film andTV Institute of India), NSD (National School of Drama) for Dramatics (not TV), which are governmental institutes. There are many private institutions today such as Whistling Woods in Mumbai set up by Subhas Ghai, and many more but may be higher in cost. Once you are qualified from a recognised institute you will be able to intern in a production house either through campus placements or through the network. Once you are in the network it is a matter of time, your communication skills and your creative abilities. You also mention media which according to me is the area of news and communicationwhich is known as ‘mass media’which includesTV (electronic media) aswellastheprintmedia(newspapersandmagazines).Colleges for mass media are different and there are degree courses for mass media and journalism with a duration of threeyears after graduation. There are newly introduced courses after std 12 too.

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