Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude
   Date :15-Mar-2020

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Who and what we surround ourselves with has a great deal to do with creating an environment that either champions us to be all we can be or sabotages us in this effort. When people support the values in daily life, we can say that we have succeeded. Every day that you live you are either experiencing by choice you are a victim of your environment.You are either living out of your values or at the whims of your ego. You are the source of everything that shows up around you. Most of us want to be more effective at everything we do.
How can we get the best results we want? The secret lies in examining how we perceive the world around us. When we wish to influence a situation’s outcome, we focus on our actions. We look for what we can do to bring about the results we desire. If we change our actions, we change the results too! We want to win and get positive results in whatever we attempt. Winning comes in many forms shapes,sizes, colours and flavours.To each of us winning means something different and special. It is no secret that there are many aspects to being a winner. Sometimes, winning happens only inside but changes us on the outside. My coach used to say: “Change your attitude and you will change your thinking. Change your action and change your results. Winning is not just getting over the finish line first but how you get there. It isthe way you live and the way you believe.”
Winning takes time and also discipline. It takes sweat and blood and a smile at the victory stand. There are defining moments when the size of your humanity is dictated by the way you look at the situation. My teacher used to say: “It takes only an instant to start but it takes to count to infinity. So, remember, the only number that counts is number one. Champions grow from little achievements. Winning is the sum total of what you do and how you do it. The place you reach is not that important when compared to the place you are. Winners live not in what is not possible but stretch the parameters of what is possible. Try to release your imprisoned splendour which will release your hidden potential. Change the style of thinking and the results would be different.” Out of resistance comes strength; out of failure comes success, out of sorrow comes joy and happiness.
There is no substitute for knowledge; there is no saturation point in knowledge. Increase your value, quality of your work. There is an ultimate and intimate relation between quality of work and quality of character. Whatever model the life holds, life copies. Life without tension is soup without salt. Success is not an exclusive club. It is open to each individual who has the courage to choose his own goal. Out of forward motion growth springs; out of it comes the human essence known as character. There is no school where you can learn how to live. There is no manual, rules or law governing how to lead one’s life. First improve the personality from individuality. Remove the unwanted parts and the real personality will come out. Remember, that to get one ounce of gold, you have to move mountains of dirt. Eugene Brice, a Priest once said: “I have never lost a tennis tournament; I have never been defeated while running for an office; I have never been choked while singing a solo. All this happened because I never tried any of them. Only people who try and take the risk ultimately win.
Failure is the stepping stone to success.” Food is not a quick remedy for ageing. But a sound diet, plenty of fibre, water and vitamin, deep rich coloured fruits and vegetables are bound to have a positive effect on your health and looks. To succeed in this world, remember three maxims: “To see is to know; to desire is to be able to; to dare is to have. Also have a vision statement and feed the vision. Be your own best friend. Look at the mirror and have a good relationship with him or her. Don’t live for yourself; don’t be an island; live for others and that is how you connect. The teacher asked the student: “Tell me what is your favourite weapon and I will get it for you”. The student replied: ‘Brains’. Everything is increasingly dependent on brain power. Unlike bullets and budgets knowledge does not get used up. Knowledge is available to the poor and weak. Knowledge is a democratic source of power. If all of us want to lead a full life, there is no point in squandering away time. It is not what you do but how you do it!