Date :20-Mar-2020

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MR.JOE Biden appears to be racing ahead of Mr. Bernie Sanders in securing Democratic party’s nomination for the Presidential election of the United States. Within the Democratic party it is an ideological fight between Mr. Joe Biden and Mr. Bernie Sanders with the latter having pronounced sociological moorings. While hot favourite Mr. Biden is a typical American middle path walker. Mr. Biden’s chances of securing Democratic nomination have been buttressed by his latest sweep of three key States, Florida, Illinois and Arizona, creating a huge gap between himself and his party rival Mr. Bernie Sanders. It is this widening distance between him and Mr. Sanders that is indicative of the Democratic party’s choice to take on incumbent President Mr. Donald Trump. Mr. Biden being a former Vice President of America in Mr. Barrack Obama’s Administration is a tried and tested hand in the White House. That could be a favourable point to tilt the scales in his favour. One thing is certain, he will be a tough opponent to Mr. Trump.
THIS is a difficult time for the sports world as it deals with the scheduling chaos resulting from the fast spread of Coronavirus pandemic across continents. While most of the events, including the prestigious Euro 2020 football tournament, are postponed, uncertainty looms over Olympics in Tokyo. In such circumstances the decision by French Open organisers to push the Grand Slam to September 20 from the original May 24 is a sensible and thoughtful move. It has invited criticism from rival tournaments and players who called it a unilateral decision. It is a bit harsh on the organisers, for, their constraints and difficulties need to be acknowledged through a practical approach. Most parts of the world are in a state of lockdown which makes preparations for the event a difficult task. Instead of frowning over the move, the tennis world should come together and form a cohesive strategy for the next few months. It will help in avoiding overlapping of tournaments and offer enough time for the players to prepare for different surfaces.