‘Getting rid of mobile addiction’
   Date :22-Mar-2020

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Q.Ma'am, I had my Board exams (PCB) now I am preparing for NEET exam. Earlier, when I confronted my parents about my interest of pursuing in Medical field, they disapproved, demoralised and were highly critical about it. Now they want me to do that when I changed my mind. Ma'am I want to join Civil Services, please tell me which subjects to choose after 12th. Thanks!
Ans. This is a difficult question and you would be the best judge. That you have dropped out of Medicine and decided on the Civil Services is also a good choice. The question of what to do in graduation is a crucial one as it should be of your interest as well as aptitude. Graduation is time to be enjoyed in terms of not only the subjects chosen but also the campus life.Your choice shoulddependuponyouraptitude,interestsandpersonalitytraits and not on any thing else.Forget for a moment about Civil Services and then choose the best degree course. Of course, you may drop EngineeringandMedicinefortheseareprofessionalcourseswhich go waste if not used after the degree. Law is useful for civil servants and so is humanities and commerce. Science gives a very good training to mental faculties and helps sharpen them. Each subject has its own advantages and chose the one that interests you the most after medicine. That would be your bet. If you still remain indecisive, come for a session of guidance and planning. A.K
Q. I am a teenager boy learning in Std 11th. I have an addiction which is nowadays common among most of the teenagers. That's the mobile's addiction. My father being a teacher always tells me about the disadvantages and the harm caused by it. I also very well know about the harm caused by it, still it has become very difficultfor me to lose it. I also read many scholarly articles by the doctors of reputed concern, but still I find it hard to leave. I was also scolded by my parents many times. My parents are worried about me. I am also worried as this has caused a huge distractionfor me to concentrate onmystudies. Please help me ma’am. Thank you!
Ans. I am glad that you have accepted your father’s verdict that you have become ‘addicted’ and also are writing for help! This is the first step towards checking it and curing yourself of it. Your acceptance of the fact that it is a difficult addiction to cure is also laudable. Once you stand on this premise of acceptance, I am sure you will succeed in leaving it. Now sit down with a pen and paper and write the things that give you joy and happiness- such as sports, exercise, cycling, any other outdoor activities. Find friends that share the same hobby and will be happy to join you or will allow you to join them. Search forfriends with outdoor interests and join them. If you don’t find them go alone with your activities. Second thing to do is to is note down what activities you do on the mobile,which meanswhat engages your attention on the mobile and how much time is engaged in something very essential, such as school or college assignments and how much in non—essential activities such as games and chatting etc? Then leave your mobile with your father and with his permission and under his supervision checkyour essential tasks. Tell your friends that you are un-hooking from the mobile and that you will be unavailable and if in case of some urgent matter they can contact your father. If you are able to find a substitute hobby that engages your mind and body in a happy way, other than the mobile, you will be through this addiction and you can thank your father for it. This will pay the way to motivate other youngsters too and then please do write to us your success story for others to emulate! We will be happy to publish it. Seek counselling with us if you happen to fail.

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