Shops of essential items will remain open: Dy Collector
   Date :23-Mar-2020

Dy Collector_1  
Business Bureau :
RAMESH Ade, Deputy Collector of Nagpur had called open traders who are dealing in daily needs items at Civil Lines office. Also present was Anil Sawai, Nagpur FDO and other officers. Members of the various traders associations were also present. Pratap Motwani, Secretary of The Wholesale Grain and Seeds Merchants Association who was also present in the meeting informed that the Deputy Collector had directed that all markets of essential items to remain open.
These include dall mill, grain market, oil market, grocery, sugar etc. The Deputy Collector also told traders to take stock of essential commodities in the market. “Maintain the stock of the daily required essential items and as per the Government instructions, the supply should not be stopped,” Ade advised. Santosh Kumar Agrawal, President of Grain Market made the officers aware about the position of wheat, rice and pulses in the market. Similarly, Balwant Agrawal from Dall Mills Association, Rajendra Sharma, President of Oil Market, Rajubhai Thakkar, Parmanand Motiyani, Harish Fulwani, Hajarilal Nagpal and other traders informed the officers about the available stock in the market. They also assured that with mutual co-ordination of each other the common man will not face shortage of essential items.