Date :24-Mar-2020

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AFTER a big gap 17 security personnel were martyred in the worst affected Sukma district of Chhattisgarh. These Special Task Force personnel were declared missing after an encounter with the Maoists on Saturday. Their bodies were found on Sunday, while 15 more have been hospitalised with bullet injuries. No doubt the security forces have been able to control the menace of Naxalite extremists in the last few years and were successful in retrieving vast areas under the influence of Maoist extremists. But the latest Sukma encounter indicates that still more work remains to be done to retrieve the entire Maoist affected areas in worst affected States like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra. There cannot be any let up in the fight against the enemies of the society and country. Because they pose a serious threat to the country’s internal security and are an impediment in the balanced economic development of the affected regions. More over the country is losing precious lives of the jawans fighting them.
forced break for sportspersons, imposed by the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, has provided the athletes a fine window to look back on their journey and reflect on the way forward in career. Breaks, whichever way they come, are an opportunity to relax and look at life through a different prism. For the Indian cricketers, always on the road across the world, the lockdown has provided them a good time away from the physical rigours which are taxing on the body as well as the mind. With the whirring commute of the Indian Premier League (IPL) put on hold for quite sometime, the players must use the quality time on offer to fine-tune their mental skills for the future. As West Indies batsman Kieron Pollard mentions, it is indeed a good time for introspection, a good time to look at where one stands in one’s career. Same thing applies to the footballers and badminton players, whose workload has shot considerably after introduction of lucrative leagues and tournaments. This is another subject that calls for introspection!