Fire breaks out at Sanchi parlour, nearby shops
   Date :25-Mar-2020

Fire breaks_1  
Staff Reporter :
Sanchi milk parlour and it’s nearby shops were gutted in a fire at corner of Press Complex, near post office under MP Nagar police station late in the night on Monday. The shops were not insured. No one was injured in the fire as the fire broke out in the night but items worth Rs 2 lakh are estimated to have been damaged. It was said that spark from high tension (HT) line messed up with eucalyptus tree and reportedly caused the mishap.
Dried leafs of eucalyptus trees which were on shops sheds caught fire immediately. There were four shops but two were spared as they were vacant. Milk parlour was in one of them and quilt-cover vendor used to run the business in another shop. It could have been a major fire but the fire fighters reached there in time and doused it quickly.
The milk parlours are allowed to remain open during the lockdown as well as in the curfew period imposed by the administration. Owner of the milk parlour said, “I suffered loss of Rs 1.5 lakh as shop was not insured. fire envelop the two nearby shops. As soon as we learnt about the fire, we immediately phoned fire brigade which dispatched fire fighters to douse the fire.” Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC) fire officer Shajid Khan said, “We had dispatched two fire fighters. People should properly monitor the loose fire which should not be kept open as it is the beginning of summer season and there is always chance of fire from loose wires.”