Screening of traders and farmers at entry gate of APMC, Kalamna sought
   Date :25-Mar-2020

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Business Bureau :
Nitin Raut, Guardian Minister for Nagpur District conducted a meeting with traders and discussed various issues pertaining to lockdown. The meeting was attended by representatives of various trade associations. The meeting discussed about the supply of daily needs items which should be regular by taking various measures to keep infection of coronavirus at arms length. Pratap Motwani, Secretary of The Nagpur Wholesale Grain and Seeds Merchant Association demanded the Guardian Minister to make adequate arrangement for checking at the entry gate of APMC, Kalamna market yard.
“Daily there are thousands of farmers and traders from various places enter through the gate. They bring agriculture produce in large quantity. These people comes in hordes and are unable to maintain distance from one another. There is large room for spreading tentacles of corona virus. We are unable to differentiate the infected people.” He said, in order to prevent people from infection, the person who is entering the gate should be screened. Those who are infected should be disallowed to enter. After giving ear to the traders issues, Nitin Raut assured to make requisite arrangements at the entry gate immediately.