Bhopal girls turn creative in lockdown period
   Date :26-Mar-2020

Bhopal girls turn creativ
Staff Reporter ;
DURING the ongoing lockdown period, extensive cleanliness drives might have become common at many homes. So, instead of dumping waste materials after cleaning home, there are ways to creatively reuse and redesign these materials for home décors. While staying at home, there are many people in the city, who are using their creativity in making beautiful items out of waste materials. By using empty plastic bottles, old plastic cricket balls, thread rolls, newspapers, and other items, one such person, Meenu Chourasia is making different art works out of her creativity.
While staying at home, and enjoying the family time, she has made a colourful glittery showpiece for her home, by using materials like cricket balls, newspaper, broken glasses and many more. The Mandla art and cone work, adds to the beauty of showpiece. cardboard make-up box, sculpture from homemade maida clay, and fashionable attires from old clothes, are some of her other creations.
The youngster, who survived from a serious medical condition, is now planning to make something out of her imagination from medical materials like glucose bottles, glass containers and small pipes, which are stockpiled at her house. She is also planning to seek inspiration from coronavirus spread in the world, for her next art work. Sonam Parmar who came to Bhopal, for a short duration, is now enjoying time in the city, and giving space to her creativity, by making jewelleries at home, from small materials, which are easily available at home.
Poornima Roy, who is into making eco-friendly jewellery for a long time, also teaches making jewelleries and other decorative items from easily available materials like wheat grains, paper, clay, etc. The fun practice of making best out of waste, has led these creative folks to bring the best utilisation of their time, amidst corona scare.