Of a road less travelled
   Date :26-Mar-2020

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Vijay Phanshikar :
It used to be a matter of genuine, low-intensity adventure for Nagpurians to enter the woods on both sides of the Telangkhedi lake and make their way up to the top of Starkee Point. The lake and the woods on both sides were little patches of genuine vegetation that could scare the weak-hearted even during noons. There were some daredevils who would enter the lake-water from its eastern embankment, swim across to the western edge, and then walk through the wooded patch of well over a kilometer to the Starkee Point. How things change!
The Vayusena Nagar came up, followed by Central School and then the Botanical Garden, depriving the lake of its wooded northern edge. Almost around the same time a couple government institutions and laboratories etc also came up on the southern edge of the lake, thus taking away the wooded area on both sides of the beautiful lake.
And as if that was not enough, a road was also carved out right at the foot of the Starkee Point to slice through whatever wooded area that was left between the lake and the hillock. Of course, that road is beautiful by any standard, with right curves and right dips and rises in the surface. Emerging from the wooded patch on both sides, the road comes up near the rear gate of the Vayusena Nagar and then proceeds through a rural habitation before opening up onto the Amravati Road By Pass. Between its two ends, that road of less than two kilometers has all the trappings of offering a beautiful drive along which also are a few modern housing complexes in sharp contrast to the few rural structures.
If the authorities make a better use of this patch of road, it can become a matter of popular attraction for satisfying drives or rides or even walks. True, the authorities may have to take care of some policing arrangements and arrange for some spots where some refreshments within sensible limits could be available. Much will, of course, depend on what approach the authorities adopt. At the moment, there is not much of a traffic flow on that road. But those who use it find it good enough for a happy drive or ride or a walk. The idea is not to destroy the serenity of the road by over-commercialising the place. The idea is to offer people scope for sensible spending of free time - without spoiling the serenity Nature offers.