Shortage of hydroxychloroquine pills comes to fore amid COVID-19 scare
   Date :26-Mar-2020

Shortage of hydroxychloro
Staff Reporter ;
AFTER the shortage of masks and sanitisers, now the State is witnessing a shortage of hydroxychloroquine - medicine used for curing malaria and other vector-borne diseases. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has recommended hydroxychloroquine as preventive measure only for high-risk population. However, ICMR has issued an advisory that the drug should be given to customers only after medical prescription.
“The recommendation of hydroxychloroquine by ICMR is based on pre-clinical trials and in vitro study results. It has been tested only on animals in laboratories but no human trial has taken place so far,” said Dr D N Tripathi; Dean of Rungta College of Pharmacy Sciences and one of senior members of Pharmacy Council of India. General Secretary of Chhattisgarh Chemists Association Santosh Soni said that in urban areas people are purchasing hydroxychloroquine along with masks and sanitisers over the past two days. We have clearly instructed chemists or medical store owners to not sell these pills without seeing medical prescription. But some of medical store owners have sold it,” he added.
Even due to large sale of this drug amongst population, many patients of arthritis and lupus had to return empty handed and face difficulties in getting of this pill from medical stores. Deputy Director of Chhattisgarh Health Department and in-charge of COVID-19 in State Dr Akhilesh Tripathi stated that this pill is advised to be taken only by health workers and sanitary workers who come in contact of infection regularly. Others are not being allowed to consume without approval of allopathic doctor. But it will not bring any impact to the people as owing to fear of coronavirus and diagnosis of two cases in state, they will go to any length in protection from coronavirus.