Date :27-Mar-2020

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THE deadly terror strike by Islamic State (IS) in a Kabul Gurudwara killing at least 25 worshippers is one of the freshest example of how Islamic jehadi groups have been targeting members of the minority Sikh community in Afghanistan for years -- almost as part of an organised campaign to eliminate the Sikh community from that country. A similar campaign has been going on against other minority communities as well. Even as India has registered its protest against the terror strike by condemning it in most candid words, the world, too, has expressed shock at the dastardly killing by suicide bombers who blasted their way into the Gurudwara. This terror strike shows how the overall situation in Afghanistan has remained static for decades. The recent withdrawal of the American troops in a measured manner has only worsened the situation. It is obvious that the Islamic terrorists have only one philosophy -- indulge in wanton killing of people of other faiths to establish superiority. The Kabul incident has only highlighted this once again.
AMID the strict measures adopted by various nations to check the spread of coronavirus, complete lockdown is the most preferred way to break the chain of Covid-19 . While the sweeping measure includes keeping essential services open, a disturbing news is emanating from the Middle-East countries whose steps are preventing agencies engaged in humanitarian services to reach out to people. The Norwegian Refugee Council has claimed that it was unable to reach to people in Syria, Yemen and Gaza Strip, all of which are known for their fragile healthcare systems. All tough measures like closing of borders are a necessity but a review of services is absolutely imperative for countries in the Middle-East where social disturbance levels are always on the upper curve. As things stand, most nations have entered the crucial Stage 3 which needs robust medical system at hand. The World Health Organisation and the United Nations must step in as the world cannot afford further spread of the deadly virus.