Global coronavirus death toll crosses 96,000
   Date :11-Apr-2020

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THE worldwide number of fatalities from the novel coronavirus pandemic rose to 96,344 on Friday, according to a tally compiled by AFP at 1630 IST from official sources. More than 1,605,250 declared cases have been registered in 193 countries and territories since the epidemic first emerged in China in December. Of these cases, at least 3,31,000 are now considered recovered.
The tallies, using data collected by AFP from national authorities and information from the World Health Organisation (WHO), probably reflect only a fraction of the actual number of infections. Many countries are only testing the most serious cases. Italy, which recorded its first death in late February, has had the most fatalities with 18,279 from 143,626 infections. The death toll in the United States is the second highest, at 16,686 from 4,66,299 infections -- the largest number of cases in the world. Spain has recorded 15,843 fatalities from 1,57,022 infections.
France has reported 12,210 deaths and 1,17,749 infections followed by Britain with 7,978 deaths and 65,077 cases. China -- excluding Hong Kong and Macau -- has to date declared 3,336 deaths and 81,907 cases, with 77,455 recoveries. Since 1900 GMT on Thursday, Yemen announced their first coronavirus-linked deaths. Europe has listed 8,26,389 cases and 67,247 deaths to date, the US and Canada together have 486,992 cases with 17,212 deaths, Asia 1,30,415 cases and 4,603 deaths, the Middle East 91,327 cases and 4,493 deaths, Latin America and the Caribbean 50,589 cases with 2,090 deaths, Africa 12,260 cases with 640 deaths and Oceania 7,282 cases with 59 deaths.