City hospital develops ‘Covi-Safe’, donates to IGGMCH
   Date :04-Apr-2020

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Dr Anantsingh Rajput, Dr Ashish Ganjre and others in his team invented novel container and handed over it to Union Minister
Nitin Gadkari who dedicated it to Indira Gandhi Government
Medical College and Hospital.
Principal Correspondent :
When medical staff in Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) and Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (IGGMCH) is fighting with coronavirus, a city hospital has developed a novel container for COVID 19 patients. It did not stop there, came forward and donated it to IGGMCH through Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.
Aureus Institute of Medical Sciences designed a simple novel container to transport covid-19 patients in a self-contained atmosphere and named it ‘Covi - safe’. The first model was designed by critical care team of Aureus hospital including Dr Anant Singh Rajput, Dr Parikshit Mahajan, Dr Ashish Ganjare and Dr Vikas Gupta. This has been first of its kind in India and the major advantage is that no healthcare facility needs to be compromised for other patients during the shifting of a covid-19 positive patient. This will also allow many private hospitals to accept coronavirus cases where the patient is put in containers and transported directly to isolation rooms without risk of lockdown of these facilities.
This was a great challenge as the concept was there from some time and paper plan was prepared but couldn’t be executed due to lockdown limitations. Dr Amol Kadu from K Innovation helped in the situation and the design was turned to reality. Covi safe being airtight chamber can be safely used for transportation of covid-19 positive patients on oxygen or ventilator with significant reduction in risk to the transport manpower and healthcare workers. Simple but thoughtful changes made it possible to design a light weight container which has dimensions of 24 inches by 72 inches and can mount on any stretcher in use in any hospital. The transparent panels enable easy visibility of the patients and communication with the attendees without being risked. There are arrangements for oxygen administration and connection of a regular transport ventilator to the patient with the box .
The first prototype made was unveiled by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Rajya Sabha Member Padmashri Dr Vikas Mahatme who encouraged the entire team and the container was donated to IGGMCH for their use by the developers. Dean of IGGMCH Dr Ajay Keolia, Medical Superintendent of GMCH Dr Avinash Gawande too were present. The Aureus team being motivated to design covi safe 2 allowing CT scan computable model. Dr Mahatme's encouragement will help this simple but unique design in the world and with availability of goods will enable better designing and various applications of this concept. Commercial production and patent is under consideration by the development team.