Date :07-Apr-2020

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KEEPING the future dangers in mind, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) is working on putting more robust logistics in place during the next round of operations at airports. The CISF deploys about 32,000 personnel to guard as many as 63 civil airports of the country. They are among the most vulnerable people who are likely to get infected by the coronavirus, having close physical interaction with lakhs of passengers. While the country has taken wise steps to ensure social distancing, the coronavirus threat is not over yet. As it turned out, international travellers were among the biggest carriers of Covid-19 as they descended in the country from various parts of the world, now witnessing a dance of death. Travel history was the first thing that was checked once the pandemic spread in India. The CISF will be at the forefront yet again when the airports will be operational after the end of the 21-day lockdown. Enhanced protective gear and healthcare paraphernalia with augmented resources will be essential for the personnel at the airports to handle the situation.
WITH the lockdown in place to fight the coronavirus and people confined to their homes, cricketers, especially the fast bowlers are itching to go full tilt to regain their wares. However, it does not look that easy according to former India pacer Ashish Nehra, as things will take a long time to get normal and social life will be active only after a full assurance of the virus in control. Nehra’s observation is not off the mark. There is still heavy skepticism about life after the lockdown ends on April 14. The rise in cases in the past few days has put a question on immediate lifting of the lockdown. If there is a phasewise opening of routine sectors, then sports grounds may be kept for the last round to avoid crowding. In such case, to restart action after such a long break will be the biggest challenge for the speed merchants all over the world. It will be the real examination of attitude and mentality once things stabilise and only those who are using the isolation period to raise their mental as well as physical fitness levels will tide over the crisis.