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   Date :14-May-2020

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Nazar 2 is the latest TV show to go off air amidst the ongoing lockdown. Actor Sheezan Mohd, one of the stars of the show, says the decision is sad but, given by the circumstances, it was expected. “I was preparing for Iftaari and I got a message from the production house that there’s gonna be a conference call between us, the actors, and the makers. I thought ‘this can’t be good news’ because con call happens usually when the shoot is about to start or about to end. Unfortunately, I got a call saying that the show will not continue after the lockdown,” Sheezan told IANS.

Nazar 2_1  H x
“It was obviously saddening but somewhere down the line given by the circumstances, it was kind of expected that it might happen because other shows have been shelved. I was also a bit surprised because we were absolutely fine in terms of TRPs, story-wise. We were doing amazing. We had just started a new track. People were loving it and yet the fans can’t digest the fact that the show has ended,” he added. Sheezan has a message for his fans of the show.
“Thank you so much for accepting Nazar 2 team. Nazar 1 was already a hit show that ended and started a new chapter. It was not easy for the audience to accept new faces and love them. Luckily I got that, the entire team got that,” he said. “To all the viewers, I want to say that don’t be upset. When one story ends, the second story starts but this one, ended too early,” he added. The actor is hopeful that very soon a new story will start, and “we will meet there, till then stay safe”.