‘Plan for future, not worry for future’
   Date :17-May-2020

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Q. I am in job but now I fear they are dropping people one by one. They are asking us to take less salary and many have said yes and some have said no Ithink. My anxiety has gone up and I cannot sleep. I have a family to take care of. What should I do? Should I look for some kind of business?
Ans.The best option would be to take a salary cut and stay with the company.Talk to the owner/bossin good terms and show yourloyalty which will go a long way. Remember all are in trouble including the business owners and employees and if people learn to share the burden you will pave way forfuture relationships and trust. If you leave them now when in trouble you lose their faith in you and spoil whatever good will you might have built overthe years. Asfar as doing side business is concerned -yes you should look out for opportunities and earn extra income if you can. A family member can play anactive role in taking it up or contributing to the work part time. Getting the family involved in money matters is a good thing for they learnt the value of money and the value of hard work that goesinto it.Your wife, yourson or daughter can all join in making a few some. About anxiety you could try physical exercise at home itself or yoga and meditation and of course lots of positive thinking. I could teach you easilywitha fewsessions online.It will make you feel happy and relaxed. Worry is a useless emotion and deals with the ‘fear of future’ -what will happen in future. it is better you keep your mind in the present and keep doingyourworkandnotthinkof the future inanemotional way. Yes, you may plan for future but not worry for future. ‘All will be well’ is the best attitude to maintain. 
Q. I am worried for my son who does not study, but keeps playing games oncomputer andwatches TVfor hours. He likes English movies,Japanese and Korean series. Then he will discuss with his friends about what the game results were and the episodes he has watched. They keep discussing for two hours and stays locked in his room. He is in Std 10 and not studying at all.What should I do?
Ans.Yes,it would good to take a two-pronged approach. One is to talk to the school authorities and find out how they plan to engage the child sitting at home and what efforts they are making. You could engage him in some online tuitions and get him busy for four to six hours, if the school does not help at all. On the home front tell his motherto allot a duty to him about domestic chores and thatthe conditionwill be that‘no work- no food’. Of course consult the son about what type of duty he would be willing to take up on a daily basis and give that work to him. The home can run only with everyone’s contribution and not only on the labour of one lady of the house. Tell children that as parents, you are also stressed and worried about finances, future career of the son and mainly spoiling of good habits. As the school routine has been disrupted, new schedules need to be put into place and should be implemented. It is not holiday time with no sense of responsibility. Have a family meeting in all earnestness and be serious about whatever you suggest and enforce. 

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