Silver colloidal nanopartical a natural alternative to fight various viruses: Dr S Kumar
   Date :18-May-2020

Dr S Kumar_1  H
Business Bureau :
The use of silver colloidal nanopartical is an age old natural alternative to fight different types of viruses. According to Scientist and Researcher Dr S Kumar, Director of Appropriate Diet Thearpy Centre, silver is wonderful and one of the oldest elements known to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungus organisms in a person. He said that most antibiotics disinfect about a half dozen germs, while silver has been reported to disinfect hundreds. A properly prepared colloid of silver is a special liquid preparation of this mineral which is extremely safe to use without many of the negative side effects of prescription antibiotics.
He claims that the use of silver can significantly reduce the length and severity of many bacterial infections. “Government should start R&D of colloidal silver and study its effectivess,” he pointed out. As a preventive measure people should start using silver utensils like plates, cups and spoons in their daily life to enhance the bodys immune system to fight different types of viruses like coronavirus. Within six months it builds the immune system of a person, he said. For further details, interested may contact Dr S Kumar on 9922166486.