Capital sizzles at above 43o C mark
   Date :23-May-2020

Capital sizzles at above
THE day-long sizzling heat in Capital city touched a season’s high on Friday, breaking through the 43-degree mark to settle at 43.6 degree celsius. This was the second highest temperature surge following the record breaking high of 44.2 degrees at Durg on Thursday.
However, Durg also recorded 43.6 closely followed with Bhilai at 43.5 degrees during the day. The highest minimum temperature of 24.6 degree celsius was recorded at Raipur.
While Friday was 2.8 degrees more than Thursday’s maximum of 40.8 in Raipur, a similar phenomenon was witnessed in other parts of State.
In parts of the city, the maximum temperature was also higher. Mana also recorded a scorching high of 43.8 degree celsius, the highest temperature during last week.
While the Meteorological Centre, Raipur hasn’t held out any hope of the hot conditions relenting, it claimed that the maximum temperature could fall only if a strong system is developed, which could lead to thunderstorms and squalls coupled with trace rainfall. The minimum temperature recorded in Raipur on Friday was three degrees above normal.
The weatherman said that most parts of State were in the grip of sudden hot conditions caused largely by hot winds blowing from the North-Westerly direction and absence of strong system locally. Generally, the North-Western region consisting of desert belt mainly covered with sand gets heated up fast early in the morning. The temperature in this sand covered area of extreme western state increases and the wind originating from this region blows towards Central India is the significant source of rise in temperature. Under the influence of Hot North Westerly winds, many places across Chhattisgarh recorded above normal maximum temperature and witnessed irritating hot condition on Friday.
The humidity oscillating between 12 and 42 per cent has added to the woes. And if weathermen predictions are any yardstick, there will be no relief for the capital with the temperature likely to oscillate around 26 and 43 degree celsius on May 23.
Meanwhile, according to Meteorological Centre, Raipur, the weather is expected to be dry across State on May 23. The sky will be mainly clear in Raipur city on Saturday.