Mah to take over 80% beds in private hospitals
   Date :23-May-2020

Mah to take over 80% beds
IN THE biggest move in the war against virus, the Maharashtra Government will take control of up to 80 per cent beds in private hospitals run by charitable trusts for the treatment of COVID-19 patients for a period of 3 months till August, officials said on Friday.
The Government has also imposed ceilings on treatment of around 270 procedures or surgeries for non-Covid cases, said an official from the health department.
While regular Government rates would be applicable for the 80 percent beds, the hospitals would be permitted to fix their charges for the remaining 20 percent beds.
The move comes as the State touched a staggering 1,454 deaths and 41,642 Coronavirus cases to date, while 11,726 have been cured and sent home.
The decision was also prompted by many complaints of exorbitant bills churned out by private hospitals for treating Covid-19 patients allegedly taking advantage of the prevalent crisis situation. The new rates that would be applicable for Covid-19 ICU beds with ventilator and isolation would be up to Rs 9,000 per day, but would exclude PPE cost, certain other interventional procedures, COVID-19 testing at actuals, specialised drugs to be charged as per MRP, and certain advanced tests.