Date :23-May-2020

ALREADY battered by the vagaries of life presented through loss of jobs due to the COVID-enforced lockdown, poor migrant labourers are now being subjected to another misfortune at the hands of their own people. In many villages of Uttar Pradesh the villagers are not allowing the returnees to stay in their homes even after completing the necessary medical tests and quarantine period. They are being disowned over the fear of coronavirus infection. Regular community clashes are being reported from the State as the returning migrants face the sinking feeling of being unwanted among their own families. These incidents underscore the plight of migrants with poor past, shaky present, and a dark future. Without jobs and food, and now without family support they are left with nothing to cling on. The clashes also expose the faulty thinking of our society where unknown fear rules the mind without a solid reason. It is now totally the moral responsibility of respective State machinery to tend to the migrants left in lurch.