To Succeed, We Must Believe That We Can
   Date :24-May-2020

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Once a great painter was sitting and throwing stones into a wayside pool and watching the play of light and shade upon the ripples. An ordinary man moving towards the town saw him and envied him. The ordinary man has to work throughout the day but this fellow was wasting his time. The painter was doing nothing constructive. The ordinary person murmuring and mumbling went to town and was returning after performing his task. He was amazed to see the same painter sitting near the same pool and throwing stones into the pool. Angry and enraged he was howling at the injustice. Others joined him and was abusing the painter.
They advised him to do something c o n s t r u c t ive instead of doing nothing! The painter was none other than the great Medici who has left behind the beautiful M a d o n n a with the infant Jesus playing by the side of the pool. Well, it is easy to criticise someone than knowing what exactly he does. We have to play as a team not as a bunch of individuals. If you are a team, you have to care for one another. You have got to love each other. I have to do my job well if the next man is to do them. The d i f f e r e n c e between mediocrity and greatness is the feeling people have for each other. It may be called team spirit. When the players are untried with that special feeling you can see that you have a winning team. You don’t build anything by yourself. You require a team and team spirit. When you ask an unsuccessful man, why he failed, he blames luck, the boss and colleagues.
He poses as a victim. The major reason is that they don’t work well with colleagues. Henry Ford, the Carmaker used to say: “If a guy works for you don’t let him become too comfortable. Don’t let him get set in his ways. Always do the opposite of what he expects. Keep your people anxious and off balance. Keep people guessing”. Someone asked another “Tell me what your favourite weapon is and I will get it for you?” The reply came that what is wanted is Brains. Remember, that a Gun cannot be used simultaneously at two places. A rupee cannot be used simultaneously at two places. Knowledge can be used by two persons for or against each other. Unlike bullets and budgets, knowledge does not get used-up. Knowledge is available to the poor and weak unlike force and wealth.
Knowledge is a democratic source of power! The more you see the future in concrete terms more easier it is to get there. A vague desire to succeed is some way which most of us have can never equal a success-oriented person. Firm determination to move on, to a clearly defined goal is the quality of a committed person. Usual belief is that demand of achievement lead to Ulcer, Hypertension, Heart attack, impotence and early death. Successful people enjoy longer life! Energy, for example, is a positive quality a desire to get things done and done right away. It is an active quality an urgent need to rise to a specific goal, to advance to a new position to accomplish a given job. Energy is never static; it is on the move indefinitely! If you think, you can’t complete a work, don’t begin.
Attack e v e r y t h i n g from a position of strength. Walk confidently rather than slowenly! Successful people walk at a fast, purposeful pace. The entire personality should convey energy. Energetic people are rarely bored. The best way to succeed is to take on responsibility quietly with a certain humility at the b e g i n n i n g . People are always eager to give you authority. Take more and more responsibility. A stage will come when no decision can be taken without you. Responsibility has to be sought by assuming tasks and following them up. You can concentrate, if you have a deadline before you, which is self imposed. Each day is not an extension of the previous one. Each day is a new day with endless possibilities. Success is a matter of averages committing fewer mistakes by learning from the past. Many a career has been destroyed by giving in to defeat too soon.
Never walk away from failure. Study failure carefully and imaginatively for hidden assets. Successful people are able to entertain fantasies and convert them into realities. If your dreams are barren, life becomes barren. Nobody wants you to succeed except you. The odds are stacked against you. The way up consists of a series of challenges and confrontations. Nobody will stand-up for you except yourself. Winning is a habit; it has to be made a habit. People ignore their strength in facing risks, the risk of living, to achieve high expectations ever if it does not occur.