An evergreen character
   Date :08-May-2020

hansa_1  H x W:
Actress Supriya Pathak says Hansa is an evergreen character, whom she considers an “epitome of hope”. Hansa is one of the popular characters of the show Khichdi. “Initially, I was worried about playing Hansa because Hansa is someone who talks a lot but does nothing. But after I started playing the character, it was such a relief. I feel Hansa is an evergreen character which has been a sheer pleasure to perform,” said Supriya, who is known for her films including Bazaar, Mirch Masala and Kalyug during the parallel cinema movement.
“For the first time in my life, I was not stressed out and was happy. It has been 16 years and to date, a part of Hansa always remains with me. Apart from Hansa’s traits, I personally appreciate how precisely the show is written keeping in mind the relatability with the characters. Her innocence is completely charming and she is an epitome of hope that everything will be fine eventually,” she added. Hansa has all the traits of a stereotyped Gujarati woman, but in a fun way.
Her innocence and camaraderie with her husband Praful (played by Rajeev Mehta) who is always ready to give an answer to Hansa’s questions, are some of the high points of the show. Star Bharat has brought back the quirky Parekh family of the Khichdi show to the small screen amidst the ongoing coronavirus lockdown.