Baidyanath immunity kit getting good response
   Date :23-Jun-2020

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Business Bureau :
SHREE BAIDYANATH Ayurved Bhawan Pvt. Ltd is serving the country since 100 years. Baidyanath, under the guidance of its experienced doctors (Vaidya), has made a immunity kit as per the instructions of Ayush Ministry of Government of India, which is receiving good response. The kit contains all medicines essential for the body to increase the immunity power. The demand for Baidyanath immunity kit is increasing day by day. The kit is useful in increasing the immunity power of the people.
The kit contains all medicines recommended by the Ministry of Ayush. The immunity kits contains Baidyanath Chavanprash, Ashwagandha powder, Haridrakhand, Amala Swaras, Gudchadi Dhanvati, Neem oil, Mulethi, Pipla to keep the body strong and healthy.
The coronavirus has shaken the whole world and every nation is in search of proper remedy to fight against the COVID-19. In India too the situation is alarming especially in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Indore. But the good thing is that people are getting cured also. The death rate is also in control but still the danger of the coronavirus is not gone. To protect oneself from the coronavirus, increasing immunity power is the only solution available at present. Dr Nitin Awasti, informs through a press release that people must not fear the diseases but fight with it taking proper preventive measures.