China occupies Nepal village, removes boundary pillars
   Date :24-Jun-2020

China occupies Nepal vill 
CHINA has occupied a village of Nepal and allegedly removed the boundary pillars to legitimise its annexation, top Government sources said on Tuesday. It has also been learnt that China has gradually made inroads into several Nepalese territories with an ulterior aim to seize complete control. The latest in the line is Rui village in Gorkha district, which is now in total control of China.
“In a massive departure from its diplomatic stand of non-interference, the Chinese have completely occupied Rui Village and the residents comprising around 72 houses are fighting for their original identity. This also shows how Nepal’s current regime has surrendered to China and is now making anti-India statements and resorting to anti-India activities,” top sources told IANS. Apart from Rui village, China has also occupied strategic lands at 11 places across Nepal. Around 36 hectares of land in four districts of Nepal, which border China, have been illegally occupied by China, but so far Nepalese Government is tightlipped about it.
The occupation of Rui village has been done systematically by China in the last two years. Since the village figures in the map of Nepal and is part of the Himalayan nation, the residents have always been associated with the country’s identity. But the Nepal Government, at the behest of China, is more engaged in creating artificial disputes with India over boundaries and three villages that belong to India. Nepal has recently come out with a new map that claims parts of Indian territory in Pithoragarh district.