Transporters angry over daily rise in diesel, petrol prices
   Date :25-Jun-2020

Business Bureau :
THE daily rising fuel prices of diesel and petrol has made the transport business unviable. Transporters are angry as costs of maintaining truck has increased manifold due to uncontrolled hike in diesel and petrol prices. “The transport business has come to a halt as diesel and petrol prices are being increased on a daily basis,” said Kuku Marwaha, President of Nagpur Truckers Unity, while speaking at a meeting with transporters. He added that transport business which is the backbone of trade and industry is passing through difficult phase.
The Nagpur Truckers Unity strongly condemns the freedom given to oil companies to increase fuel prices. Marwaha said that due to daily increase in prices of diesel and petrol, black marketing of kerosene had started. People will be facing high rate of inflation due to the rise in fuel prices. Marwaha wondered why the prices of diesel and petrol are so high in the country when the crude oil prices in the international market had crashed below USD 40 per barrel mark.
He added that it has become difficult to pay the EMI of idle trucks, tyre and insurance premium as their is not enough business in the market. The lockdown of three months had shaken the transporters business. Now with the increase in fuel prices may make transport industry collapse. Marwaha said, “Government should bring diesel and petrol under GST regime, so that common man and transporters will get relief. Government instead of giving relief to the sector, is indirectly trying to crush the transport business.”
He demanded that the Government must help the transporters by directing the finance companies to give relaxation in installment of trucks for six months without adding any overdue interest. He also warned that if the finance companies troubles the transporters, Nagpur Truckers Unity will start agitation against them.