BJP lodges complaint against Digvijay Singhj
   Date :30-Jun-2020

Congress leader Digvijay
 Bharatiya Janata Party’s IT and Social Media Cell’s State organiser Shivraj Singh Dobby lodging complaint against Congress leader Digvijay Singh at the Crime Branch Police Station on Monday.
Staff Reporter :
Bharatiya Janata Party’s IT and Social Media Cell’s State organiser Shivraj Singh Dobby on Monday lodged a complaint against the propaganda made by Congress leader Digvijay Singh. It was mentioned in the complaint that Digvijay Singh did this act with an intention of tarnish his image and shared wrong and fabricated material through his twitter account.
Shivraj Singh Dobby in the written complaint to Crime Branch Police Station incharge said that Digvijay Singh made five tweets one by one and used fabricated terms by sharing my photo. Dobby said that Digvijay Singh levelled baseless allegations and said that Indian cyber fugitive of FBI. He said that Digvijay Singh has information that there is no undertrial case against me in any court of USA, neither any USA agency is conducting probe against me but even after it Digvijay Singh doing so with an objective of tarnish the image of my family.
Dobby said that after Digvijay Singh’s tweet I received several phone calls of friends, relatives who enquired about the incident consequently I and my family are feeling humiliated and are stunned. Dobby through the complaint letter demanded legal action against Digvijay Singh so that he could not dare to level such baseless allegations. BJP State Vice President Vijesh Lunawat, State Media Incharge Lokendra Parashar, Shailendra Sharma, Shivraj Singh Dobby, Durgesh Keswani, Mahesh Sharma, Ashish Agrawal and others were present.