‘CAs should update knowledge from time to time’
   Date :15-Jul-2020

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Business Bureau :
Nagpur Branch of WIRC of ICAI, successfully hosted webinar on ‘Wills & Nominations.’ CA Kailash Jogani, Past Chairman of Nagpur Branch graced the webinar as chief guest. He shared some practical experiences in his professional life and guided the members very effectively. He highlighted the importance of rich traditions and values of Hindu culture. “It is observed that assets and investments are planned to pass on to spouse at first and then to children.
This proves the importance of bonding amongst family members,” he said. Jogani, before concluding, wished all good luck to the webinar on hand and all future endeavours of the branch, as well. He appealed the members to take maximum benefit from the deliberations through such webinars of Nagpur Branch as ‘knowledge updation through webinars is the apt mode to remain ahead at all times.’ CA Kirit N Kalyani, Chairman of Nagpur Branch , in his welcome address spoke about need of the webinar and role of Nagpur Branch towards member updation. He said, “In these testing times because of unfortunate advent of COVID 19, members were compelled to remain locked for ensuring social distancing and other prescribed preventive measures. However, the positive aspect of this phase, brought to forth the benefits of webinars, in our professional lives,” he conveyed.
CA Vimal Punmiya said, “We all know how to create wealth and how to manage wealth. Learning the effective distribution, is also essential,” he remarked. “We are born, therefore death is certain. So before our death, we can predetermine the disposal of our wealth by making a ‘Will.’ During the Testator’s lifetime, the Will is an ambulatory document, revocable at any time and having no legal effect. He also shared some advantages and disadvantages of Will. “Prepare a list of all your assets and property which remain after taking into account all debts, liabilities and expenses to get a clear picture of how you wish to distribute the estate,” he added. He explained the importance of nominations as well. To nominate means, to appoint a person who will look after the property of the person after his death.
The nomination facility is available only to individuals in their own capacity, singly or jointly. “Appointment of nominee is like appointing trustee. property will be inherited as per will/if no will then succession act,” he responded to a querry and resolved thus, very effectively. CA Akshay Gulhane, Chairman WICASA, co-ordinated proceedings of the webinar. CA Jiten Saglani, Secretary of the Branch proposed vote of thanks. CA Sanjay Agrawal, Treasurer, Nagpur Branch, CA Suren Duragkar, Immediate Past Chairman, CA Prafull Bagdi, CA Amrita Bagdia, CA Meera Dsouza, CA Aalekh Mishra, and CA Sandeep Oke were among the prominent persons present on the occasion. More than 100 chartered accountants were also present.