Skill, re-skill, upskill: PM’s mantra to youth
   Date :16-Jul-2020

Skill India mission_1&nbs
THE mantra to stay relevant in the rapidly changing business environment and market conditions is to “skill, re-skill and upskill”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the youth on Wednesday, noting that the need for it has become more important in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Addressing a virtual event to mark five years of the Skill India mission, he said, skill is timeless and it keeps getting better with time and it makes you different from others.
He also said that in today’s rapidly changing world, millions of skilled people are needed and there is a huge potential, especially in the health services. The Prime Minister said, Merchant Navy is another avenue which has a huge potential. He said, if we work on increasing the skill in this field, then we can give lakhs of expert sailors to the world, and can also strengthen the coastal economy of the country. The coronavirus crisis has changed the nature of jobs as well as the world culture.
The ever-changing new technology has also influenced it, he noted. Keeping in mind the new work culture and the new nature of jobs, the country’s youth are increasingly adopting new skills, Modi said in his video address. Referring to the portal launched recently for mapping skilled employees and employers, he stated that this would help skilled workers, including migrant workers who have returned to their homes during the coronavirus-induced lockdown to access jobs easily and the employers to contact skilled employees at the click of a mouse. “Several people ask me that in today’s time, business and markets change so fast that they do not understand how to remain relevant. In this time of corona (virus), this question has become even more important.
“I have only one answer. The mantra to stay relevant is -- skill, re-skill and upskill,” the Prime Minister said. Modi was of the view that skill is something which we gift to ourselves, which grows with experience. “Skill is timeless, it keeps getting better with time. Skill is unique, it makes you different from others. Skill is a treasure that nobody can take away. And, skill is self-reliance, it not only makes one employable but also self-employable,” he noted.