‘WFH brings new responsibilities for employer & employees’
   Date :21-Jul-2020

runa maitra_1  
Business Bureau :
The HRD Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association (VAI) conducted a webinar - ‘The Economic Social Physiological & Psychological effects of WFH’ recently on JioMeet. The objective of the webinar was to understand work flexibility and as a strategy to promote work family balance and how organizations support employees to manage the competing demands of work and family life. Work from home (WFH) may not be applicable at all the areas of working but during the ongoing corona pandemic, it taught many things and opened many ways to enhance the ratio of work from home. Runa Maitra, Founder and Director of People Talent International, Delhi, touched upon many such aspects and shared the economic-social, physiological and psychological effects of WFH.
Maitra opined that WFH brings new responsibilities for both the employer and employees. “Being away from office, seating in a cozy, comfortable setting has its advantages as well as disadvantages. There are a number of benefits such as convenience, better work life balance, financial benefits, possible productivity gains due to fewer interruptions, cozy atmosphere allowing more focused work,” she highlighted. Further, she elaborated that there are some challenges also and how to overcome them effectively with time bound. “Managing your time and schedule, the blurred line between personal and professional life, distraction, even if you a schedule but staying productive during your working hours prove challenging, if you are working from home,” she said.
She stressed on advantages and disadvantages of WFH i.e. it increases feelings of isolation, it can be harder to maintain team spirit when employees are working at different locations. “Problems such as software issues become more difficult to fix when you are not in office and sometimes it’s difficult to maintain performance,” she observed. But on the other hand, she said, one should be taking good care of physical health, maintaining mental peace, healthy food habits, get involved in some creative works.
These are the small steps one should keep in mind while dealing with WFH, she advised. Earlier, Hemant Lodha, Chairman of HRD Forum, welcomed the guest speaker and also informed the participants about activities of the forum. Neelam Bowade, Convener of HRD Forum, conducted the proceedings and also introduced the speaker. Suresh Pandilwar, Co-Chairman of HRD Forum proposed a formal vote of thanks. Atul Pande, IPP – VIA, Prof Ashit Sinha, Mentor – HRD Forum, Anita Rao, Joint Secretary – VIA, Vaibhav Agrawal, Vishal Agrawal and others joined the session.